Salinas in Arequipa

Birdwatching and nature tour in arequipa - tour in the salinas lagoon.

Birdwatching and nature observation tour in arequipa - salinas lagoon tour

Discover Arequipa salt flats by new route

This lagoon is 4300 m. high, it is surrounded by Misti, Ubinas and Pichupichu volcanoes. The salinas lagoon is located within the national reserve of aguada blanca and salinas and is therefore a protected place. This lagoon is located between 2 regions: 60% of the lagoon is in Arequipa territory and 40% in Moquegua territory.
Some of our clients think that to go to Colca you visit the Salinas lagoon and it is not like that.
The Salinas lagoon is located SOUTH of the Salinas National Reserve and Aguada Blanca. To go to Colca we visit the northern part of the National Reserve. So they are two different tours, however for tourists who want to combine the Salinas Lagoon Tour with the Colca Valley or Colca Canyon we have a 100% private and exclusive 2-day tour, if you want you can also ask about this tour .
In the Salinas Lagoon they can be seen at a time during and after the rainy season, normally they are between 3 to 4 months that are not seen at all, and it is in this period that the artisanal harvest or salt collection begins. When the lagoon is dry, the charm It is different, we see the blue sky surrounded by volcanoes with a dry white lagoon filled with salt.
And the cherry on the cake is seeing groups of wild vicuñas crossing the Salar. Of course there is never a lack of llamas and alpacas.
We walk through the dry lagoon and if it is rainy season we skirt the lagoon. In both cases we walk for approximately 2 hours. Of course, in order to explore this lagoon more, transportation helps us and so we can see more of the flora and fauna.
Throughout the year we can see vicuñas (one of the South American camelid species) and also llamas and alpacas. We will also be able to observe the vizcacha (rabbit of the Andes) and if we are lucky we will be able to see some Andean foxes. We will also be able to observe a plant that only grows more than 4,000 meters high, called Yareta.


7:00 am. We recommend leaving at 7 am from your hotel by private transport to the Laguna de salinas 4300 masl. Thus we have more hours of light in the lagoon. The sun normally hides 5:40 pm throughout much of the year. However we are flexible and the departure time may vary at the request of the client. On the way we pass very close to the Misti volcano 5825 masl and the snowy Pichupichu 5460 masl. We can make stops to take the best photos. We can also appreciate and stop at the best viewpoints to see pre-Inca terraces. This part of the trip is also very interesting. We will pass through the town of Chiguata.
* After 75 km of travel thanks to the poor condition of the road: unpaved trail we reached the Salinas lagoon in 3 hours.
* During the day we will have a box lunch in the middle of nature.
* Then we return to the city of Arequipa, before reaching the town of Chiguata we can offer you a downhill trek, this trek is optional for 2 hours, from the Simbral to the town of Chiguata. During this trek we can take more photos of the Misti Volcano and pre-Inca terraces, and we pass through a Queñuas or Quiwiña forest.
* Lojen mini volcano.
* Lojen hot springs.
* Arrival to the city of Arequipa approx. 04:00 - 05:00 PM.

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